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Black & White Photo Illuminated Letters  
Inca Prints Peter Max  Designs  
Mixed Media Collage Milton Glazer Silhouettes  
Non-Objective Painting Oil Pastel Studies  
Photocubism Sidewalk Chalk Paintings  
Plaster Sculpture    
Stamps For A Cause    
Text as Design    
3D Photo Vessels    
Tribal Self-Portraits    


Collage Vases Papier-Mache Lizards Magazine Coil Sculptures
Festival of Fins Pop Art Wire Animal Sculptures
Foil Flowers Self-Portrait Recyled Plastic Bag Totes
Hand Sculptures Star Bursts Magazine Coil Baskets
History Collage T-Shirt Designs Cigar Box Journals
Magazine Mosaics Theme Project
Mosaic Mirrors Watercolors
Name Collage Wind Chimes
O'Keeffe Flowers Woodburns
One-Point Perspective Coffee-Stained Portraits